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Collapsible, Packable and Fun!

Packable Pails are mom invented, square and look like a traditional full sized beach pails, but easily collapse to 2 inches in one motion. Packable Pails are not just for collecting seashells or making sandcastles on the beach! Use your Packable Pails in the backyard sandbox, for washing the car, serving snacks like sand pudding, collecting garden produce, flower vase for a fresh flower arrangement, gathering crayons and Legos, as a unique gift basket, hostess gift for the holidays or collapsible doggy water bowl for an outing. The fun and uses go on and on. Select from Starfish Orange, Sunshine Yellow, Paradise Pink or Aquatic Aqua shipped to you from our Iowa family. 
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Watch this quick video to see how easy it is to collapse Packable Pails! 

Still LOVE this video from Whiz Kids Toys! ( on Instagram!Note: We do have a new improved...

Posted by Packable Pails on Thursday, November 12, 2015
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Packable Pails