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Not Just for the Beach!

Although the original idea for Packable Pails was to easily fit in your beach bag or suitcase when traveling on family vacations, we have found out that EVERYONE loves using Packable Pails, the 2015 Creative Child Magazine Toy of the Year!
Go beyond the beach and use your Packable Pails:
  • to serve snacks like sand pudding,
  • as a reusable gift container (replace the gift bag that just gets sent to the landfill)
  • wash the car,
  • use as an ice bucket,
  • bring in produce from the garden,
  • as a flower vase,
  • Easter pail,
  • for the family dog to get a drink on a trip and more!
The question really is, What won't you use your Packable Pails for?




Visit our PICTURE GALLERY  for even more pictures and uses for Packable Pails,     the Original full sized, collapsible beach pail!


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